Sunday, 5 June 2011

It's time to share babies!

I’ve just come across a fabulous website, Belly Buttons & Babies. WOW, I was impressed. As I went through their website, I noticed that almost all of their products have been rated a “0″ for toxins by the Environmental Working Group. Not many companies can claim this.

Belly Buttons & Babies

I contacted Fran at Belly Buttons & Babies and asked what her secret was. She said that she and her daughter are very passionate about what they do and they love what they do. Fran also mentioned that she has very sensitive skin and her daughter inherited sensitive skin as well. She had to be very careful with what she put on her baby’s skin. She knew there had to be better choices than what was available at the drug stores at that time. She has always been interested in aromatherapy, natural healing, herbal remedies and such so she decided to become a Certified Aromatherapist, among many other certifications, all aimed at natural body and skin care. She so enjoyed making products for her baby and then for friends that her husband suggested she start a business. Belly Buttons & Babies was born.

In 2009, Belly Buttons & Babies won an award for their Mom & Baby Cream (best new product for 2009) from PTPA Media (Parent Tested, Parent Approved). It’s been one of their best sellers ever since.

They’ve just introduced a Natural Bug Spray and an After-Sun Care Duo – I’ll be ordering these items as soon as I’m done writing this blog! I know I’ll appreciate having them handy during the upcoming months.
I did receive some products from Belly Buttons & Babies and I’m totally hooked. You don’t have to be a baby to enjoy any of their products. You also don’t have to be pregnant. Anyone can use these wonderful products.

It’s time to share babies!

Visit their website and try any one of their products, you won’t be disappointed.

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